Are ProLinc products suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetic patients?
As the skin of pregnant and nursing mothers is more sensitive, we do not recommend using ProLinc Callus Eliminator products during this period. As for diabetic patients, always consult a physician before trying new foot care products.
When can I see the results of the various ProLinc products?
As with all products results may vary, however, these are the most common results
  • Callus Eliminator Original & Callus Eliminator Orange: Results can be seen immediately, but can vary depending on the severity of the callused area and differ person to person.
  • Cuticle Eliminator: This fast acting formula shows results immediately, but varies person to person and range depending on the overgrowth of cuticle area.
  • Dry Heel Eliminator: Results can be seen within 7 days of first use, if used daily. If paired with Callus Eliminator products results may be quicker.
How long should Callused Eliminator stay on the skin?
While times dependent on the texture of the skin before application and individual sensitivity Callused Eliminator products should not remain on the skin for longer than 5 minutes. People with thinner skin or less severe calluses should remove Callused Eliminator after 3 minutes. If at anytime there is itching or burning the Callused Eliminator should be removed immediately. Callused Eliminator should not be applied to broken skin.
How often should I use Callused Eliminator?
Callused Eliminator should be used at most every 14 days for a maximum of 5 minutes. If the callused area has substantially diminished then the application time can be decreased along with the frequency of use. Callused Eliminator should only be applied to callus areas.
Can I use Callused Eliminator if I have cracked skin?
We do not recommend the use of Callused Eliminator if there is a pre-existing skin condition or cracked skin as it could be highly irritable.
Can people with pre-existing skin condition us Callused Eliminator?
If a pre-existing skin condition exists please contact a physician before use.
Can I use Dry Heel Eliminator after using Callused Eliminator?
Yes, we recommend the use of Dry Heel Eliminator after Callused Eliminator in order to optimize results.
What area of the skin should Callus Eliminator be applied?
Callus Eliminator should only be applied to callused areas; areas that are not callused are ultra sensitive and could cause irritation.
Can I use Cuticle Eliminator on artificial nails, nail extensions and gel?
Yes, Cuticle Eliminator is safe to use on acrylics, gels and gel polish. Application time should not exceed 45 seconds.
How do I slough off Callused Eliminator?
The formula helps soften calluses for the removal process to do so utilize a file or buffer to slough off dead skin. The grit used can vary depending on the severity of the callused area.